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From expressions to terminology to lovely British trivia. Click on the re-fresh button to find more trivia or answer one of our British Trivia questions correctly to win discount codes and free tickets! You might just win 20%, 50% or even 100% off your next ticket. Seek and you shall be rewarded!
British Trivia

Renowned British Masterchef, Gordon Ramsey, didn’t always fancy himself as a Chef! What profession was Ramsey’s first love before discovering his talent in the kitchen? Think you know the answer? Tell us which city you are in and email it to and win $8 off your next event ticket!! Good luck!

Little Italy
April 14 2015 Men (22-34)
Women (22-34)
The Flight Path  
April 27 2015 Men (25-39)
Women (25-39)
The Tipsy Crow  
May 12 2015 Men (24-38)
Women (24-38)
Dussini Loft Bar  
May 25 2015 Men (25-39)
Women (25-39)
Latitude Lounge @ Marriott Gaslamp  



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